Calander Icon10 January 2019
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Please do join us for an award winning conference paper from Branding Science – “Can’t Cope Don’t Care” - on patient health personalities and what that might mean in these days of the patient-centred pharmaceutical company. 

Webinar speakers

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Jon Chandler, Senior Research Director

Branding Science
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Chris Recaldin, Research Manager

Branding Science


As you can imagine there has been a lot of interest in the findings and the implications for pharma marketing and market research.  The different patient personality types are drawn from a statistically robust and validated segmentation undertaken on a very large sample (n= >4,000) for the NHS Healthy Foundations survey.

In this webinar, Jon Chandler and Chris Recaldin from Branding Science leveraged this research with the objective of exploring ‘How do different healthcare personalities respond to different healthcare propositions?’

Why not try find out your own healthcare personality by using the segmentation tool we’ve developed here: before coming to the webinar and compare your results against the research they conducted!

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