For Experienced Researchers

Preparation for Launch:
"Your phase 3 is soon coming to an end and the product launch is near. How do you prepare for an effective launch of your new product?"

Topic Convenors Date Speakers Outline

Market Understanding & Patient Journey

Marcel Slavenburg
Senior Director, SKIM

15 October 2019

Richard Kunzmann
Associate Director, Immuno-Oncology Insights Bristol Myers Squibb

Kirsty Page
HRW - Associate Director and a member of the OR:BIT team

Outline Market Understanding and Patient Journey Studies
In an increasingly complex marketplace pharmaceutical companies face many challenges when launching and marketing their (new) products or label extensions in a competitive landscape; suitable market research methodologies are required to support decision makers.

Positioning and Messaging
Alexander Rummel, Managing Director, Aurum Research 14 January 2020 Andreas Erkens
Dr. Erkens Consulting

This webinar will focus on:

  • Rationale for brand building in pharma - positioning and developing messages for healthcare products
  • Fundamental differences between positioning and messaging and consequences for designing market research
  • Testing positioning and messaging in the product life cycle and methods
  • Business cases: Good and bad practice for positioning and message research
Concept and Message Testing
Cristiana Carata
Instar Research
11 February 2020  


Market Access and Pricing Research
Alexander Rummel Managing Director, Aurum Research

10 March 2020 



Target Group Research/Segmentation
  21st or 23rd April 2020    
Monitoring Post Launch performance
Jayne Shufflebotham, IQVIA 21 May 2020

Christian Wilkens
Senior Principal, IQVIA Consulting

Daniel Cadoni
Associate Consultant, IQVIA Consulting


Title: Performance tracking throughout the lifecycle of a drug

We have shown that the first 6 months after the launch of a product are crucial to future success and often determine the sales trajectory of the product1. Continuous performance tracking that allows for rapid course correction is key and still not well established with many companies.
The webinar will focus on general best-practices and outline how companies will be able to improve their tracking in a tangible and impactful way.

This webinar will be of interest to any level of the organisation, whether they are going to be involved in post launch performance tracking in the near future or wanting to understand the principles for future reference.