The current Agency Members on the Board are:

1. Fenna Gloggner, Director Strategic Initiatives, Healthcare Research Worldwide (HRW) - [email protected]

2. Richard Head, Director, Research Partnership - [email protected]

3. Amr Khalil, Managing Director, Ripple International - [email protected]

4. Sarah Phillips, Senior Principal, IQVIA - [email protected] 

5. Anton Richter, CEO, M3 Global Research - [email protected]


The Board AMs fill a very important role and provide feedback and input into the strategic direction of the Association.

It is now time to vote for the 5 Agency members you want to have places on the Board.  The term is 1.10.19 - 30.9.2021.

Please use for the form below to submit your company's nomination for the vacant space on the EphMRA Board. You may vote for up to 5 candidates as there are 5 places available on the Board.  Please remember that votes are per company - one vote per company.


Have a read of the bios of each candidate and why they would like your vote:

Fenna Gloggner, Healthcare Research Worldwide (current agency Board member)

Richard Head, Research Partnership (current agency Board member)

Amr Khalil, Ripple International (current agency Board member)

Marcel Slavenburg, SKIM

Stephen Potts, elma research

Christophe van der Linden, suAzio

Please note: only one vote per company and we will need to accept the first vote that is submitted from your company.  Please submit your vote for as many candidates as you feel is appropriate.


Vote for up to 5 candidates only