EphMRA Agency membership was introduced in 2002 and is available to:

a) to any juridical person with an international orientation engaged in market research and/or business monitoring relating to health and healthcare;
b) colleges and universities;
c) companies pursuing additional business activities such as staff recruitment, though it is a precondition that the main focus of their activity must lie in the field of health, healthcare or business monitoring.

Membership is corporate covering all affiliates and the HQ office, with the same company name. Membership is approved by the EphMRA Board according to the Association statutes. Associate Membership fees are linked to the number of pharma/healthcare market research employees world-wide. Fees are increased for the next membership year on 1 October each year by the rate of inflation.

See later for employee definitions.

Annual Fee in CHF (swiss francs)
1 employee world-wide 1,414.10 swiss francs
Up to 3 employees world-wide 2,755.28 swiss francs
Up to 15 employees world-wide 3,562.27 swiss francs
Up to 50 employees world-wide 4,272.30 swiss francs
Up to 150 employees world-wide 5,742.86 swiss francs
Up to 250 employees world-wide 11,479.66 swiss francs
More than 250 employees world-wide 21,081.73 swiss francs

Employee Definitions

Your membership application is based on the number of pharma/healthcare market research executives you have working for your company across all your affiliates/offices and sites.

By employees is meant:

Executives working in pharma/healthcare market research from the most junior (eg graduate trainee) to the most senior (eg President, CEO, COO, Chairman etc etc).

If the executive works only partly in healthcare (as well as in another sector) they must be counted in the pharma/healthcare market research employee numbers.

Part time employees can count as a half person, contract employees should also be counted.  If you list executives on your web site to indicate they are part of your team/resources then these should be counted.

Not included in the pharma market research employee head count - the non Executive MR type functions:

Applications must be made at the correct employee level and all applications will be checked by EphMRA eg against sources published, Yearbook entries etc. If companies apply for membership at the incorrect membership fee level then the Board will consider suspending the company from membership of EphMRA. For any free services offered by EphMRA your membership level must cover the number applying eg free places at IMM, free Code training).

Those applying for the membership level of 1 employee must be one-person companies only. The membership is linked to the person applying for membership only and is not transferable to another person/name. Thus you cannot apply for this level of membership even if you are a company with just one person working in pharma market research - you need to apply at the next level. This is for single person companies/consultants etc.

Important note about Membership:

[does not apply to those applying for membership at the 1 person level]

Membership is corporate and relates to one single company name covering all affiliates and the HQ office, with the same single company name. Membership is linked to this single company name and only one company name can be used in the Association, eg if company ABC Ltd owns/runs/operates Company CD and Company FG (each with a different name, albeit a slightly different name) then each company must apply for its own corporate membership for these names to be used. If an Associate Member company changes size during the membership year/changes name then a new application must be submitted online.

Membership Year - The membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September the following year. If you join in February you will need to renew your membership on the 1st October the same year. Fees are not adjusted according to the time of the year when you join.

Membership will be automatically renewed at the end of the membership year. An invoice for fees will be issued in the month of October unless you have cancelled your membership by having given 6 months prior written notice [this would be in March] so as to leave at the end of September. If you do not receive your invoice in October you need to contact EphMRA by November.

Cancelation letters and emails must be acknowledged by EphMRA to be valid.

Members can use the EphMRA Associate Member logo to denote memerbship only. The name 'EphMRA' or its Association logo or full name 'European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association' must not be used in any context by an Associate Member without prior permission.

Payment : -

On receipt and acceptance of your application an invoice for the membership fee will then be issued.

EphMRA has an established procedure for invoice payment as follows:

Invoice Amount Penalty Fee Added
1-1000 CHF 100CHF
1001-5000 CHF 250CHF
5001-10,000 CHF 500CHF
10,001 CHF and over 750CHF

After 90 calendar days from the date of the first invoice if the first invoice and/or penalty fee invoice remains unpaid then membership of EphMRA is suspended for a period of 12 months from the date of the first invoice (no attendance as member/non member). Companies are unable to participate in EphMRA events, conference, training etc if they have outstanding invoices (ie invoices unpaid after 45 days). The invoice will remain on file and must be paid before any new application for membership can be considered.

Member benefits will become available once payment is received - not when the application form is received. Membership fees are non-refundable.

If you have not previously been a member of EphMRA you may be asked to support your application by supplying the names and addresses of two current pharmaceutical/healthcare clients - this information is treated in confidence. You will be contacted about this if necessary.

All Associate Members should read the Association's Statutes which give all details on the constitution.

Associate members agree to abide by the EphMRA Code of Conduct for Market Research.