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Dear Colleagues

Hope you and your family have been managing to keep safe and well in these challenging times.
It’s time to update you on our plans for the 2020 Conference in Antwerp. 

Over the past few weeks the Executive Board has been monitoring the global situation and looking at travel restrictions and the impact of the pandemic on our members and speakers.  The outlook for June is uncertain and so the Board has decided to move our 2020 Conference forward to June 2021.  This means that there will be no conference in 2020 but we will hold it in Antwerp in June 2021.  Letting you know at this point in time means that you can plan your commitments and workloads over the next few months and in addition taking this decision now minimises the financial impact on the Association of paying venue cancellation fees.
The Board discussed whether it was feasible to move the conference a date later in 2020 but the date options available from the venue were not ideal and it is anticipated that in Q4 this year many member companies will be extremely busy and time to attend our conference might be difficult to find.
To make sure we keep well connected with our members we have recently launched our programme of weekly webinars to bring up to date content to our members and continue your learning and development.  Watch out for the enhancements we will be making to this programme and how we will be adding great webinar topics and speakers.

Finally, if your company has already booked and paid for a 2020 conference place/exhibition space then we will be in touch shortly to discuss the options with you (refund or transfer monies paid to 2021 thus securing your 2021 place at 2020 prices).

Any questions please do get back to me - always happy to help.

Best wishes and stay safe 
Bernadette Rogers, General Manager