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EphMRA Conference 2020 - Antwerp

Submission deadline Wednesday 18 September - 2 weeks away!  Submission form here.

Calling all potential speakers for the EphMRA 2020 conference in Antwerp

Plans for our annual conference in Antwerp 2020 are now well under way. We are calling out for potential speakers in Antwerp, which will hopefully exceed the exceptionally high standard of papers this year.
Submission Deadline - 18 September 2019
The bar has been set very high after this year’s conference but we are laying down the gauntlet to all speakers who wish to share their ideas with colleagues next year.  We are holding the conference at the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center, Antwerp on 23-25 June, so put the dates in your diary so you can be there with your colleagues!  Whilst the venue is not a hotel, it is extremely close to a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets.
For 2020, EphMRA is looking for highly innovative and insightful papers which will engage, inspire and generate discussion amongst our delegates.  Whether you work in industry or are a supplier, we want to hear your ideas for how the future landscape will be shaped and what our response to this new environment will be over the next few years.  As ever, there is a need to optimise and use a whole range of tools and approaches to best deliver the added value senior managers are looking for.
In Antwerp, we will again focus on business analysis in its widest sense and how it can provide solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare industry.  Whilst market research is an important part of the package of resources available to the industry which guides decision making and solve problems, it is not the only resource available and the conference next year will again endeavour to incorporate a range of papers which talk about the different tools and approaches which support and guide the industry, both now and in the future.
We need papers again which focus on insight and how research has identified KPIs and sharp insights to identify opportunities for healthcare companies and how it has led to helping reach better decisions for the company.  We are looking for papers which cover the whole range of companies in our industry - e.g. pharma, devices, diagnostics, OTC, biotech etc.
Here are some examples of topics which we are interested to hear from you about:
1. Technology
Technology is everywhere, both at home and in business, but how is it enhancing insights? We want to hear both the successes (and failures!) where technology has been used.
a. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation
AI is here to stay and is having an impact on our lives, whether we like it or not! But what does AI mean for our industry and how can we integrate this powerful technology with more traditional market research data collection? We are looking for papers which can demonstrate how AI is being used to achieve real impact for industry. We would also be interested in hearing how AI is being integrated with more traditional market research techniques to positive effect, so case studies to demonstrate this would be welcomed.
b. Advanced technologies
Linked to AI is the continuing emergence of advanced technologies to enhance our understanding of key stakeholders in the market place, so we’d love to hear from you if you have some examples of how technology, such as eye tracking, MRI scanners and neuroscience techniques are being used to great effect
2. Meeting the need for efficiency, speed and agility in research
This is a really hot topic! Industry is increasingly asking for quicker, cheaper research but also demanding the same high quality that they have always received. So, how do we square this circle?
This poses some important questions, which you may have answers to. For example, is agile primary market research a fad or here to stay? Can we REALLY deliver fast insights whilst maintaining high quality and if there is pressure to reduce costs, can we provide quality? Do you have some examples of research projects which have met these needs from industry – e.g. reducing time for DP/analysis or responding and adapting to findings in real-time during the research phase? Are you using some online reporting tools, for example, which are proving to be very helpful in reducing timelines that you could share with conference delegates? How do we manage client expectations? Sharing your experience would be really valuable for the EphMRA conference in 2020.
3. Linking primary research with secondary
Primary and secondary are both highly important to industry and we need to fully embrace BOTH types of data in order to provide greater insights for our industry. So, how do primary researchers continue to thrive in a data rich environment and add value to the industry? How do we integrate the wealth of data available whilst providing significant and impactful insights? Primary researchers and secondary data/RWD providers have real opportunity to work synergistically to provide industry with greater and more meaningful insights than ever before, so do you have some examples of successful collaborations?
4. Using Real World Data to help industry gain greater insights
We are looking for papers which can show how RWD can be used to help industry to convey insights which are memorable and meaningful from the vast amount of data available to them. Have you got some examples of how you achieved this to share? Will the industry ever be able to use RWD in the same way as other less regulated industries and have you some examples to share of some more innovative ways to use RWD to enhance insights? This topic continues to be of high importance to our industry, so we welcome papers to demonstrate how industry can gain more from this type of data.
5. Patient activation and engagement
The importance of the patient for industry continues to be a very ‘hot’ topic. We are looking for papers which show inspired and innovative ways to engage with patients in order to provide industry with meaningful insights, so if you have some case studies to share, we’d be very interested to hear your thoughts.
6. Data analytics and forecasting
This continues to be a highly important topic and we welcome papers to demonstrate new ways to collect data which will give greater insight. This may be linked to technology or may be other ways of collecting data which provides the depth of insight which industry requires.
7. Researching and understanding the impact of digital engagements
In a world where we interact with customers through many different digital channels, the industry is always looking to understand the impact of each of these communication channels and research frameworks/approaches which help to guide them strategically. How do we measure the success of these channels, which metrics should be tracked, how do we determine and ROI on this and ultimately which channels should industry be investing in moving forwards? Case studies which explore some of these issues would be welcomed.
These are only our initial thoughts - we want you to be inspired to develop your own ideas which reflect the new world of business analysis.  Joint papers with industry and supplier speakers are encouraged.
To submit a paper, please visit the conference website, where you can find the submission form, the Call for Contributors pdf which has all the information you need in order to submit and also some useful hints and tips on how to write a winning submission.  This is the link for the Call for Contributors 2020 page on the web iste at - 2020 conference
We need your submission by Wednesday 18 September at the latest, in order for our Programme Steering Committee to review all submissions at a meeting in October.
If you require further information, please contact either Bernadette Rogers – [email protected] or Caroline Snowdon – [email protected]