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Dear EphMRA Colleagues

On 27 November EphMRA will attend a meeting along with EFAMRO, MRS, BHBIA at the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) in the UK.   We know from feedback from our members that clarity is still sought around the Role and Definition of the Data Controller and Data Processor and this meeting will give an opportunity to outline the challenges which continue to be faced in our industry.  In addition we will be focussing our discussions about ‘Naming the Client’ and the ICO position on this matter vis a vis other national codes.  EphMRA will report back to the membership on the discussions and feedback.

An additional topic on the agenda concerns a discussion which is taking place as to market research being classified as ‘scientific research’.    In Europe, there is no agreement among regulators that market research is scientific research.  If any of you can provide any additional input into this topic to help support our discussions feel free to get in touch – [email protected]