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The presentations which featured at the event were:

Day 1: 22 September

1.Social listening in pharma: Taking the pulse of patients and digital stakeholders
Speaker: Yannick Rieder, Janssen-Cilag GmbH

2.The Point Blank Insight Compass – A Companion for Sustainable Insight Management
Speakers: Gerhard Keim & Jelena Bebic, Point Blank Research & Consultancy GmbH

Day 2: 23 September

3.Title: How to define and execute a high impact omnichannel campaign to substitute for the loss of 70k rep visits and maintain sales of impacted brands?
Speaker: Martin Hoffmann, Across Health

4.Title: Improving the insights into the German health care market
Speakers: Ludwig Prange, Berlin-Chemie; Joachim Rittchen, Roche & Maik Rieth, IQVIA