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It's always great to hear testimonials from delegates who attended previous conferences and we are delighted to share a blog written by Bazis Group and also a short video by Semalytix, both of whom attended the conference in Warsaw and clearly gained a great deal from their conference experience.  

Anna Shevalova from Bazis Group in Russia had a very positive experience at the 2019 conference and as non-members (but now members) of EphMRA they gained a great deal from their experience in Warsaw.  Read their blog to find out what value they gained from attending the conference -

"One of the most rewarding things about going to EphMRA ever year is reconnecting with our clients. We’re proud to work with them and be able to build strong relationships with the people and organisations we collaborate with. Also, it provides us an opportunity to make news connections and learn from others." - Anna Shevalova, Bazis Group

Yannick Loonus from Semalytix attended the conference for the first time last year and Semalytix have since become a member of EphMRA, so listen to Yannick's experiences of the conference and the value it brought to his company. They exhibited in the Agency Fair, so hear how Semalytix made the most of their time at the conference.