Download our latest (August) 2018 Code of Conduct

Click the link below to download the latest version of the 2018 EphMRA Code of Conduct as a PDF.

The Code has been updated to include GDPR relevant elements. We are going to improve the formatting and the Log of Changes to help you orientate around the modifications is now available here.


View the code of conduct online

The entire EphMRA Code of Conduct is available online at the link below.


EphMRA Code of Conduct translated into Italian

Thanks to ASSIRM the EphMRA Code of Conduct is now translated into Italian.  It's a fantastic resource for our members and we are really happy to make this available.

If you have any queries please do consult the English verison which is the original document.

Pdf here.


The following 5 pro formas or templates are available; they provide a general structure for collecting necessary consents, agreements and acknowledgements and the suggested terms for these:

  1. Recruitment Agreement
  2. Receipt of Incentive
  3. Respondent Consent allowing Client Access to Recordings
  4. Client Agreement to Safeguard Confidentiality of Recordings
  5. Observer Agreement
Download the PDF file below - updated August 2018


Download the latest changes - Updated October 2015